Tartine All Day Every Day

  • Commonwealth Club 555 Post Street San Francisco, CA, 94102 United States

Elizabeth Prueitt, Co-Founder, Tartine Bakery; Co-Founder, Tartine Manufactory; Co-Founder, Coffee Manufactury; James Beard Award Winner for Best Pastry Chef; Author "Tartine All Day"

We all love food, but Elizabeth Pruiett LOVES food. From baking some of Bay Area’s favorite bread at Tartine to launching her new venture Tartine Manufactory (we hear she’s most excited about the soft-serve ice cream machines) the James Beard Award winning pastry chef always brings the best to the table. 

Always an innovator, Prueitt has blazed a trail as a dynamic female chef in an often male-dominated world of food, setting an example for aspiring culinary leaders to follow. In a twist of fate, the expert pastry chef discovered along the way that she was gluten intolerant, which has led her to be even more creative in her baking ingredients. 

Now, her third cookbook "Tartine All Day" is full of recipes to inspire home cooks to try something new and delicious. Her hands on approach to cooking and production is analog in an often digital and gadget driven world, making her food and recipes accessible to the broader community. Come get inspired to cook more and eat better with Elizabeth Prueitt!

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